Destiny Fulfilled: Book 9

Nikki and Kenny made the Pact when they graduated high school. They, with their friends, stood on the beach in a circle around a fire pit. They raised their glasses and recited “No matter when, where or what, I will always be there for you”.
After their marriage, they became Partners in Life, but faltered when being partners on the job crept into their personal life.
Till The Day We Die was another pact they made when they came face to face with their mortality when Kenny almost lost his life on a mission.
They came to realize that even couples that are very much in love have to fight through disappointments when Old Stories, Never Told come to light.
They learned the hard way that Above all else…Survive are the words they need to live by when they are put to the test both mentally and physically.
When her family is threatened, Nikki realizes For my Family she’ll do anything. Kenny realizes while Nikki is right, he’ll need to change her mind on what anything means.
Since Nikki is a genius, quandaries have never been an issue for her. Common sense on the other hand is not one of the many gifts she’s been blessed with. So when Kenny forgets who she is, Cheating on you…With you is a dilemma she can’t figure out. Especially since she can’t talk it out with Kenny.
While Nikki & Kenny have always been able to read each others mind, Linked Together takes on a whole new meaning when they see and hear each other even though they are miles apart.
Now they are faced with the hardest mission of their career. Their bosses, the people that trained them and became part of their extended family, are kidnapped. When the kidnapping is linked to a terrorist threat to America, finding them becomes top priority. In the midst of the chaos, Nikki’s health issues return and she can’t let Kenny know about it. The mission is too important to take the chance he will pull her off.  If what she suspects is true she shouldn’t be on this mission, but it’s too important to walk away from.
Though the reasons why have been elusive, Nikki and Kenny knew from the day they met that they are meant to be together. Has the charity work and the time spent helping others become the best they can be, been enough? Have the lives they saved with every successful mission they’ve completed been enough?
Have they fulfilled their destiny?

Juliann Vatalaro

The Pact: Book 1

Nikki Vataro knew from a very young age that she was different from the other kids. She was smarter than the others were. Sometimes even smarter than her teachers. She always stood up for the underdog. She excelled at everything she tried, especially basketball. Most of all she had a family that loved and encouraged her. That is what was important. That is all she needed or wanted. Then in a blink of an eye, her family was gone. Left alone at only eleven years old she was lost. With no one to help her control all her gifts she made some bad decisions. Decisions that landed her in juvenile detention for three and a half years. Now at seventeen, she is free to start a new life. She must now figure out how to deal with the pressure of being a teenager with a past, on her own, and in a new town. Unknown to her as she walks out of the gate, she will not be heading out alone. Four of her father’s fraternity brothers will be there to help her along the way. The first person Nikki meets turns out to be the one that helps her the most. Kenny is the boss’s son. Good looking, smart, and athletic, he has everything going for him. Together they fight to make it through an intense senior year of high school. Can she overcome her past mistakes? Can she learn how to trust again? Can she learn to be part of a family again? Can she learn to love again?

For my Family: Book 6

Family. For six years she felt the pain of that loss everyday. When she was seventeen she slowly started belonging to another family. Not your traditional family, but a family of mentors and friends. While this new family started out small, fewer then ten, it has grown to over fifty strong.
For the past seven years Kenny has helped Nikki survive the loss of her family so many years ago and grasp on to the love of her new family. A task that has not been easy. While Nikki doesn’t necessarily fight the love she inspires, she doesn’t fully embrace it. She’s told him more than once that the people she loves will die. A belief that has challenged him since the day they met. A belief that he will gladly spend the rest of his life disputing.
That family is being threatened. A threat that reaches into Nikki’s greatest fear. While Nikki and Kenny are partners in life, on the job and off, she has to fight this threat on her own. Telling anyone about the threat will bring an end to someone’s life before their time.
She has vowed that she would do anything for her family. Can she fight her fear to neutralize the threat? Can she find a way to save the people who are more precious to her then her own life? Can Nikki and Kenny live with the loss they will have to endure to protect the family?

The Pact: Nikki & Kenny Series

Old Stories...Never Told: Book 4

Nikki and Kenny have been together for almost seven years. They’ve gone from high school sweethearts to married. From broke high school kids to adult entrepreneurs. From a WNBA superstar and rookie cop to FBI and Homeland Security agents.
In order to accomplish all they have they needed to work together as a team. In order to work as a team they needed to trust each other. Drawing on a pact they made back when they were new to their relationship of no lies, the trust came easily.
Five thousand miles from home, and working an assignment, Nikki finds out that Kenny has been holding back. He went through something before they met that he decided not to tell Nikki about. Something that was similar to what she went through. Only he didn’t think she needed to know about it.
While Nikki thinks she should have been told, especially since knowing how he handled it would have helped her handle her situation, she can’t blame him for keeping the secret. For one reason and one reason only she has to get past the hurt.
That reason… She has a secret of her own. Something she swore she would never tell anyone. Something that’s worse than his. Something that she feels will destroy their relationship for good.
Is keeping a secret really a lie? Do two people in a relationship really need to know everything about each other? Can Nikki and Kenny get past the old stories that were never told?

Above all else...Survive: Book 5

For the past two plus years Nikki and Kenny have dedicated their life to helping others. They've opened a chain of sporting goods stores called Fighting Chance in hopes that keeping kids involved in sports they will stay away from alcohol and drugs. They've opened a security company in hopes of protecting the innocent. They've donated time and money to multiple foundations and charities.
 But most important to them, they've become Special Agents for both the FBI and Homeland Security. In their role as a special agent they've risked their lives many times. Using the physical and mental gifts they've been blessed with, they've faced and overcame many challenges. They know when they work together they can succeed at anything.
Nikki has been surviving since she was eleven-years-old. Meeting and marrying Kenny has made that challenge easier. Whether they are working for the business or out on a mission, they work together to control and survive any challenge they are faced with. Not easy considering Nikki believes she was put on this earth to help others above all else, no matter the risk to her own life.
Kenny believes he was put on this earth to help Nikki realize her potential. His challenge since the day they met has been to help Nikki realize it is not okay for her to die. He believes that after six years he finally has completed that challenge.
Now they're faced with a challenge they have no control over. One where surviving may not be an option for either of them. Because if one dies they both die. Can Nikki forgo helping others and face the challenge to come up with a solution? Can Kenny face the new challenge of making Nikki realize that no matter what, above all else…she must survive! 

Cheating on you... With you: Book 7

Nikki and Kenny have been going far too fast, for far too long.
Nikki needs a break. You would think the month she just spent away from her family was a break, but Kenny wasn’t with her. You can’t call it a break when you are trying to save your family and the man you love.
Kenny needs a break. Nikki scared the hell out of him last month when she ran away. Trying to find her took every ounce of energy he had. Now that she’s back it’s time for him to run away. Preferably with the woman he loves.
Unfortunately taking that break may prove to be just as difficult to accomplish as any of the missions they’ve been on to date. The business needs them. The FBI needs them. Mike needs them. And of course Homeland Security can call at any minute.
When they find out the FBI case, a missing eleven year old girl, and Mike’s case, also a missing eleven year old girl, overlap, they have no choice but to put their break on hold again. Disappointment peaks in Kenny and Nikki as they give it their all to find the missing girls. Silent frustration pushes one over the edge as they go from one mission to another.
Will they be able to survive when they dismiss what they need to do for what they have to do? Will the frustration that builds in each of them as they try to find the girls push one or both of them to a point of no return? Can one pull the other back so the break they so desperately need will become reality?

Runaway Haven

Dreams… Everyone has them. Some are pleasant. Some are nightmares. Some are romantic, and some are dreams of what you want to accomplish with your life.
Have you ever had a dream you knew was impossible to reach? Have you ever had someone or something stop you from trying anyway? Jamie Bracco knew two things from a very young age. The first was that it would be impossible to accomplish her dream. The second was that her father loved her.
Jamie had a dream. She also knew she would never be able to accomplish it. Some rules could never be broken. Still, she worked toward accomplishing her dream. Even when the odds were stacked against her.
At eight years old, her world was destroyed when her father died. At eleven, her mother remarried. At thirteen, she was a runaway living on the streets.
The first year on the streets was tough. Then she realized she had been given a gift. She could sense things. Not all the time but when it counted, she knew what to do. Things got easier after the first couple of years. She met a few others who also lived on the street. Together, they used her gift to make money, buy a brownstone house, and convert it to apartments. They took in other runaways that had dreams that needed to be accomplished. Together, they became a family. By the time she was sixteen, things were going great. At seventeen, Jamie’s life was turned upside down again.
Her best friend was killed and she was the only suspect the police had. She was on the run again. She ran to the one place she knew she would be safe. She needed time to think and didn’t think the cops would look for her there.

Till The Day We Die: Book 3

For the past eighteen months, Nikki and Kenny’s life has been on a roller coaster. It started off slow and picked up speed as they wound their way through the loops and turns of their life together. First the wedding. Then the career change and starting the new business. Joining the FBI was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they are finally able to put their gifts to use helping others. A curse because they had to ruin their reputation to work undercover. Neither one of them were happy about that, but knew it had to be done.
Just when everything is starting to settle down and they have worked out a way to work for both the FBI and themselves, somebody wants to run the roller coaster off it's tracks.
Kenny has been having a rough time since the last mission. He’s having a problem coming to terms with what happened with his ex-girlfriend Lisa. Nikki has been racking her brain trying to come up with a way to help him deal with what Lisa had done. Just when they both have it figured out they are called back into service.
Only this time it is not their boss at the FBI calling them in. This time it is not the new director or assistant director of Homeland Security calling them in. Oh, the mission is a Homeland Security job. But the person calling them in this time is the bad guy.
They’ve been given seventy-two hours to find the bad guy. Failing is not an option, because the consequences are to high. Can they get past their personal problems, pool their gifts and get the job done before time runs out? Can they survive what has to be done to accomplish this mission?

Partners in Life: Book 2

In the four years since they graduated high school, Nikki and Kenny have grown closer. Kenny spent the last four years in college and when he graduate went directly into the police academy. Nikki spent the last four years going to college part-time while playing basketball for the WNBA.
Just one week after Kenny’s graduation from the academy they had the wedding of their dreams. Quiet, on the beach, outside Kenny’s hideaway. The reception was held at the bar.  They now had everything they’ve worked for since they met. There’s only one problem. Well one problem each.
Kenny always wanted to be a cop, like his father. He’s accomplished that. What bothers him is the thought that he is not enough for Nikki. He’s concerned he will not make enough money to keep her happy and living in the style she has become accustomed to. For the last four years all he has contributed was the money he made part-time bartending. Now’s the time for him to step it up. But how?
Nikki is bored. Not with Kenny. She’ll never be bored with Kenny. She’s bored because she is not being challenged. Between her basketball contracts and endorsements she has made more than she ever imagined. More money the she’ll ever need. With her IQ, the college classes she’s had so far have been easily passed. Besides her major is the same as Kenny’s so she knew ahead of time what the classes would entail. While she loves basketball, the others in the league we’re no longer the competition she needed. She’s feeling lost. She needs to figure out what she can do that would create the challenge and competition her mind craves. But how?
On their wedding day Nikki and Kenny became partners in life. Can they figure out a way to live up to their new pact?

Liked Together: Book 8

The break that Nikki and Kenny so desperately need has been put on hold again. While on a trip with their crew to check out a new business endeavor they are called away again.
Kenny really doesn’t like what Nikki wants to do, but he knows he needs to stand by her no matter what. Nikki really doesn’t want to deal with what has just come to their attention, but knows she has to in order to be the person she’s fought so hard to become. Even though Kenny has some doubts about what needs to happen, just knowing he’ll be there at the end this time is the only thing that will get her through it.
In the middle of this latest investigation, Nikki and Kenny are distracted by a personal matter that reinforces their feeling that they were meant to be together. The problem is this distraction is so weird that neither one of them knows what to do about it or how to handle it. Still they need to put dealing with it on hold to get the job done.
They barely had time to come to terms with the new link they have just discovered when their break is put on hold yet again. This time for a mission that is almost impossible to accomplish from the start. The last thing they need is second personal issue thrown into the mix. A personal issue that has Nikki wanting to back out of a mission for the first time and Kenny fighting to help her keep her head in the game.
Too much is at stake to be distracted. To many people are relying on them. Backing out is not an option. Their minds are pulled from one end of the spectrum to the other. Staying in control has never been more important or more of a challenge.
Will this new gift help or hurt them as they try to deal with the sudden increase of mind games they find themselves playing? Can they get past the distractions to complete their mission or will they finally be thrown a curve that takes them out of the game?
On their wedding day Nikki and Kenny became partners in life. Can they figure out a way to live up to their new pact?

Fatally Linked

Lieutenant Dani Castello lost her partner, lover, and almost fiancé.
Detective Jake Santos lost a twin brother he only recently met.
Katie Granta lost her father two minutes after she met him for the first time.
Dani was told to take a vacation to get her head back in the game after her loss. But there is no way she can do that. Not with the killer still on the loose. Her life gets more complicated when Jake shows up. A man that looks exactly like the man she lost. A man she had never met or heard anything about.
If that wasn’t enough, someone is killing teenagers, and the only clue they have is they all have the same tattoo--a tattoo that was designed over forty years ago.
Jake transferred across the country to find the person responsible for taking his brother away from him. While he was only just getting to know his brother, he felt the bond that was missing all his life. Dani came up in more than one conversation as they were trying to get to know each other.
Now that Jake has met her, he is seeing firsthand why his brother fell head over heels in love with her. All he has to do now is find the killer before he falls for his brother’s woman, and if that wasn’t enough, he has to find the niece he didn’t even know he had before something happens to her.
Katie ran away from home to protect her mother. She was alone until she met a boy that helped her learn how to survive on the streets. Just as the loneliness was starting to subside, her new friend was killed. If that wasn’t enough, it turns out that running away was all for nothing. She thought if she wasn’t around her mother, she would be safe. But she was wrong.
Three people who have never met before are now fatally linked with a single goal in mind--finding the person responsible for their loss. All they have to do is work through all the emotional turmoil that brought them together to reach their goal.